Sunday, October 02, 2005

The immediate problem of being a blog-addict -- that is, reading blogs consistantly and making the odd comment here and there across the internet -- is that you run the risk of neglecting your own blog. If you keep up with other people's posts you may feel as if you're staying current. In reality your blog is slowly being forgotten.


Did you know that our solar system's tenth planet has been named Xena? And that its moon is Gabrielle? Is this what happens when pop culture replaces Western culture in the popular imagination? How many people really know or care about the trials and tribulations of Ulysses or Madea, as opposed to, say, the latest mystery Locke, Jack, and Freckles conjured up last week on Lost? Will future constellations be called Cosby or Fonzarelli? Is that the monster that lies beyond the depths of Hades and its ruler Pluto? Xena: Warrior Princess?


Saw Cronenberg's new film, A History of Violence. Very subtle for this director, but he still managed to make the audience uncomfortable (yes, I have a magic ability to guage audience reaction; actually I just listen closely to their comments walking out of the theater). Annoyed that someone would bring a group of five kids aged about 2-10 to the late show on a Friday night; a movie with pretty explicit sex and violence to boot, including a wonderful cunnulingus scene. I won't say much about the plot other than that the title is a red herring. It's not the violence but the sex you should pay attention to.


At the film mentioned above, screened in Pasadena, caught the trailer for Ang Lee's new gay cowboy movie with Jake Gyllenhaal-Heath Ledger getting it on, Brokeback Mountain. The audience did not respond kindly: uncomfortable laughter, cat-calls. Someone yelled out: "Hell no! Hell no!" Did I fall asleep and wake up in a red-state?


New at the top of my "must-be-restored-and-released-on-dvd" films: Jacques Rivette's Celine & Julie Go Boating. Tedious at times, but then again, the next morning...


John Beene said...

You woke up in our violent, angry, cruel, hateful reality. Look at any poll concerning an issue involving homosexuality and you quickly understand that there are significant numbers of homophobes everywhere. Even in blue states they may be in the majority. Think about that the next time you're in the grocery store or in the mall. Every third person perhaps every other person is a rabid homophobe.

loveandrage said...

my new resolution is to read less and write more...hard habit to break, though...still find myself reading other people's blogs on a daily basis

i also like to leave comments in people's boxes, just so they know they arent writing into the wind