Monday, March 06, 2006

Kevin Killian on last night Oscars.

"Mike hung up the phone and reported that in LA, everyone loves Crash, which apparently is set there, and everyone relates to its fractured, disjunct yet ultimately hopeful portrait of black-white race relations. It hits them where they live says he with a disgusted grimace, and where they live is two inches deep."

Not really. I think it's a loathsome, unforgiveable film. I haven't met a single Angeleno who liked Crash, though admittedly I'm not close to many Hollywood types, and the Hollywood types I do know wouldn't see a movie like this anyway. This morning the local NPR station was overwhelmed by folks calling in to Air Talk to complain about how the film is a misrepresentation of the city. Even the host couldn't fathom how anyone in the Academy could vote for this film. Live in Los Angeles awhile and you'll come to understand how poorly this film gets race relations (or much of anything else -- Thom Andersen would eat Crash alive) right.

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