Monday, November 10, 2003

I attended the All Tomorrow's Parties music festival this weekend at the Queen Mary in Long Beach. The lineup was pretty much half young'ns and half geezers. Of the geezers, Iggy and the Stooges, James Chance and the Contortions, and Sonic Youth were the best. Of the young'ns, Deerhoof and the Danielson Famile ruled the roost. Cat Power's set was marred by a fire alarm that would not turn off. Daniel Johnston missed his flight so he played later at night while I was watching Sonic Youth. The Magic Band were okay, but there wasn't much magic without Beefheart. James Chance looked like Lon Cheney. Real late night monster movie stuff going on with that guy. The Mars Volta were bombastic classic rock. All their fans looked just like them, with giant afros and tight jeans. Terry Riley was a sad soft-jazz imatation of himself. No disrespect, though. I love In C. But the Stooges were definitely the highlight. Iggy danced his seizure dance, and a skinny Mike Watt filled in on bass. All in all, a pretty good time.

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