Monday, June 16, 2003

The Apes and Go Go Go Airheart at Spaceland: I hadn't seen Go Go Go Airheart in several years, perhaps five or more. The last time I saw them was at an old fashioned movie palace in Santa Cruz. The college-age managers used to put on secret after-hours shows in the main theater. They would project whatever movie happened to be showing at the time (without the soundtrack) while the bands played on the stage in front of the screen, sort of a lo-fi Exploding Plastic Inevitable (or perhaps hi-fi, given the superior projection equipment). I remember Go Go Go Airheart playing in front of the Minnessotta snow of the Coen Brothers' Fargo. Every once in a while the music would miraculously sync with the image -- a wall of feedback would squeal as Francis McDormand discovered a body, or the film's editing would match the rythm section almost exactly. Last night they played only a few songs. It just wasn't the same. The Apes are a primitive rock band, as their name implies. The singer is annoying. He looks like Eric Stoltz channeling Jim Morrison.

Earlier in the day I went to this old style deli called Galco's to get this amazingly spicy ginger ale they sell there. On the way out I noticed a display of cider. The proprietor noticed me noticing the cider and said that this particular cider was from the oldest continuously operating ciderhouse in the United States, in San Francisco. Then he said that 5000 ships from the 19th century were still docked in the harbor, untouched, because the sailors wouldn't set sail after tasting the cider.

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